Peace with Soul

Singapore, November 1, 2014

Rain changes everything. The mind and the soul. On the way to Changi airport in a van in the rainy Singapore morning to send back one of our group members home. The rain was solitude.

And I realize that it has been a while since I get the chance to reflect. And being abroad in a foreign unknown land is a great time to reflect because everything you thought as trouble, everything you thought you had never had the chance to think about is far away back home.

And a soft stream of warm and comfortable feeling overwhelms me. The feeling of being able to be there seeing the rain is something to be grateful for. Alhamdulillah.

And it is fine if no one really see the world the way I see the world; if no one feel the same way the way I feel about things. It’s alright. I am tired of hoping that anyone would really see the world the way I see the world. That is not a desparation statement, really. It is an acceptance, that I have come to a peace with my soul to accept that I am the only one in the world to feel things this way. Almost to a point of bursting my eyes to tears that I feel joy and happiness in my soul for realizing this acceptance. People don’t understand and they never will. And that’s okay.

The van is still running.
Going back to the centre of Singapore.
Going back to Vivo.


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