Michael Bergs’ Poem (The Reader)

I’m not frightened
I’m not frightened of anything
The more I suffer
The more I love
Danger will only increase my love
will sharpen it
will give it spice
I really own the angel you need
You will live life even more beautiful than you enter it
Heaven will take you back and look at you
And say
Only one thing can make it so complete
And that thing
is love

You see, most of the time, people don’t talk about love. They don’t want to talk about it. Or they just can’t. We all know why. They’re ashamed. They’re frightened. The good question will be, ashamed of what? I think they’re frightened that they won’t get what’s so called reciprocal confession, feeling, from the person they’ve said love to. Perhaps, they think they have other ways to show that they love through actions. Or perhaps they’re just trapped in a situation where they just can’t do that. But, I really don’t mean saying love in a complicated situation like wars, or age-distance, or triangle love, hah. I’m talking about simple, ordinary situation, where people have millions of chances to say that they love. I’m not bothered, though. In fact, I’ll rather say the way I feel to people meant to me, directly. Not exactly saying that I love them, but I’ll show them how I feel about them through obvious words. Like, “you’re a warm-hearted person, I’m lucky to be your friend”. But of course there’re lots of more creative and imaginative ways to say it. We all love. So let’s just talk about it.

When I mention love, I really don’t mean particularly the relationship between a woman and a man. When I say love, I mean, love. Let’s not discuss about the obviously unnecessary question such as what is love. Let’s just talk about how you feel it. Why perhaps. But no no, never ask why. You’ll never find the one universal righteous answer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m expert in love. But isn’t it? You try to ask your selves right now to find out why you particularly love someone or something. Like, why you love chocolate? Why that someone sitting on a chair in your classroom, smiling, attracts you more than everybody else’s smiles in the entire classroom? Or why, on earth, I love writing and watching movies but hating math while I studied both since I was very young? Why?

But who’s, on earth, not expert in love, really? We all do learn how to love, human. Since my Mom held me on the back, breast-feed me, baby-sit me when I was just a baby. Even before I was born, when she kept me, took a very good care of her self because she knew I was inside her body. We know how to be loved, that’s why we know how to love.
It’s interesting talking about how people love. I wanna hear yours, really. But it won’t be fair if the writer doesn’t tell hers. As for me, love is always related with passion. How I put courage, faith, in someone, something, I love. I put passion in doing things for that someone, in standing listening words he/she says, in every time I smile whenever he/she does something unique, very ordinary, but only you can see. I put hopes in things. I do forget them in some ways sometimes when I feel it’s just too hard to hold. But I can never really dispatch them. Ever. What I can’t tell here is to whom or what things I put passion in. You may know one, my God. Too obvious? Well, Mom and Dad. Haha.

Now, tell me about yours.


“What is Lost is Lost” – Celine, Before Sunset

I let go everything this January. literally, i mean! School, Depok, being with my pals in there, the campus world. I was thinking that i’m not gonna be in madura for a month, such a lng time, as for me who used to spend like no more than 2 weeks in my hometown, especially without my camera. Hah! why the heck i didn’t bring my camera? Perhaps becoz i din think i was going to spend more time in my home. but i did.

The first week, and.. okay, until now, the last day in my hometown this month, I still feel kind of empty feeling without my cam, and my personal journal (don’t ask me why i din bring this one also!). The feeling of loosing things, loosing memories. I can’t stop thinking, whenever i’m havin great time full of laughters or juz small things like nice orange sky in the afternoon, that if i don’t document anything those moments are gone. and they are, forever gone. What is lost is lost.

Well, i love documenting. Everything! There are so many times and places in which i feel like i want to feel them again someday. the same feeling, the same passion. I know i’ll never be able to do that. Becoz moments happen only once in the whole history life of the stars. Even if the same individuals do meet again, moments will never be replayed.

So, really, this one month, i juz do, enjoy, and love. with those special individuals. Well, this month will be My Dad, Mom, Aan (A childhood friend), Sol ( A friend since junior high), Yusar, Epi’, and other relatives i spent time wif. And i still enjoyed doing small things my self. Reading books under the tree, opening old books, painting, diaries, even doing laundry and cleaning, hahaha. really!

I can never have those moments back, though. But i have it, they will always be mine, and no one can ever pull it away form me. And yeah, i finished a short story about an individual. A special one. Wish me i can publish it someday.

WE WILL NOT GO DOWN (Song for Gaza)

(Composed by Michael Heart)
Copyright 2009


A blinding flash of white light
Lit up the sky over Gaza tonight
People running for cover
Not knowing whether they’re dead or alive

They came with their tanks and their planes
With ravaging fiery flames
And nothing remains
Just a voice rising up in the smoky haze

We will not go down
In the night, without a fight
You can burn up our mosques and our homes and our schools
But our spirit will never die
We will not go down
In Gaza tonight

Women and children alike
Murdered and massacred night after night
While the so-called leaders of countries afar
Debated on who’s wrong or right

But their powerless words were in vain
And the bombs fell down like acid rain
But through the tears and the blood and the pain
You can still hear that voice through the smoky haze

We will not go down
In the night, without a fight
You can burn up our mosques and our homes and our schools
But our spirit will never die
We will not go down
In Gaza tonight